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Dr. David Yong-gi Cho

David Yonggi Cho is Senior Pastor of the Yoido Full Gospel Church, which is the world's largest known congregation, with a membership of approximately 780,000. In November 1976, Cho founded Church Growth International, an organization dedicated to teaching the principles of evangelism and church growth to pastors all over the world. In January 1986, he led the way in establishing the Elim Welfare Town, a facility for the elderly, the young, the homeless, and the unemployed. The latter would be given training and a choice of four occupations. In March of the same year, he founded Hansei University. He was Chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship from 1992 to 2000, and has served as Chairman of the Korean Christian Leaders Association since November 1998. He has also served as Chairman of the Good People charity organization since February 1999. He is the author The Fourth Dimension, Vols. 1 & 2, Successful Home Cell Groups, and Solving Life's Problems.

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1. 4th Dimensional Living in a 3 Dimensional World
  • $10.99
Discover the keys to open the door to the Fourth Dimension - a wonderful place of love, peace, and joy - and experience God in all His fullness.
978-0-88270-312-1 - TPB - 108 pgs - Dr. David Yonggi-Cho
2. 4th Dimensional Spirituality School
  • $11.99
This workbook is an outstanding companion to all the 4th Dimension books by Dr. Cho. In it, he shares the ways that God used to enable him to pastor the world's largest church.
978-0-88270-482-1 - PB 8.5 x 11 - 88 pgs - Dr. David Yong-gi Cho
3. Dr. David Yonggi Cho: Ministering Hope for 50 Years
  • $12.99
This book is a partial autobiography of the Senior Pastor Emeritus of the World's largest church in Seoul, Korea. It details how God taught Dr. Cho to depend totally on the Holy Spirit.
978-0-88270-480-7 - PB 6 x 9 - 158 pgs - Dr. David Yong-gi Cho
4. Solving Life's Problems
  • $12.95
Dr. Cho shows you how to use the language of faith - God's language - to overcome all of life's difficulties.
978-0-88270-450-0 - PB 5.5 x 8.5 - 158 pgs - David Yong-gi Cho - OUT OF STOCK, DO NOT ORDER
5. Successful Home Cell Groups
  • $12.99
Dr. Cho shares how he has used home cell groups to bring revival to his church, community, and nation.
978-0-88720-513-2 - TBP - 192 pgs - Dr. David Yong-gi Cho
6. The Fourth Dimension - Vol. Two
  • $12.99
In Vol. Two of The Fourth Dimension, Dr. Cho reveals the secrets that enable him to pastor the world's largest church, and how to develop dynamic faith and experience true communion with God.
978-0-88270-561-3 - TPB - 208 pgs - Dr. David Yong-gi Cho
7. The Fourth Dimension Vol. 1
  • $12.99
How to experience God in all His fullness and live in the fourth dimension every day. Contains the keys to spiritual victory.
978-0-88270-380-0 - TPB - 176 pgs - Dr. David Yong-gi Cho
8. Unleashing the Power of Faith
  • $6.99
Dr. Cho details the simple yet powerful principles that build your faith in God's Word.
978-0-88270-095-3 - PB 4.5 x 6.375 - 136 pgs - Dr. David Yong-gi Cho