Christ Is God's Everything for You

Christ Is God's Everything for You

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The centrality of Jesus Christ is at the heart of Harold Chadwick's book. Many Christians have diverted their attention to knowledge about Christ without realizing the absolute necessity of a personal relationship with Christ. The Apostle Paul said, "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself" (2 Corinthians 5:19).

The book's message may best be stated in the author?s own words, "All the things that God has for us in this life are contained in Christ, and all things that God has for us through the endless ages of eternity are also contained in Christ, for He himself is all of those things.In Heaven as on earth, there is nothing for us outside of Christ. He is God?s everything for us here, and will be God?s everything for us there!"

This book takes the reader to the very heart of the Christian faith.

Harold J. Chadwick has been a technical writer, freelance greeting card writer, greeting-card editor, director of Writer's Digest Correspondence School for Writers, travel and humor writer, ordained minister, pastor, Bible teacher, author, and co-founder of two ministries with his wife, Beverlee. For the past fourteen years he has served as a freelance editor and currently as senior editor for the Bridge-Logos Foundation. In addition to editing many of the Foundation's regular books, he has compiled, edited, and updated into modern English over 15 of the Foundation's Pure Gold Classics. He is also the author of We Shall Judge Angels and How to Be Filled With Spiritual Power.


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