1001 Things You Should Know Before You Die

1001 Things You Should Know Before You Die

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For curious readers of all ages, here is a new, fun, and thought-provoking way of looking at the Bible. This book guides readers in a treasure hunt with easy-to-find answers in every chapter of the New Testament. With no interpretation given and none required, it is a book people will buy for themselves, friends, and family.


People can have fun with this book while enjoying the wisdom it applies to everyday life and discovering the true answers to life's most important questions.


Allan and Yvonne Ansdell are a successful business couple living in Southern California. Together they have designed, built, and operated retail stores, a shopping center, and a theme park. Happily married for more than 45 years, they have two grown children and five grandchildren. They have always based their marriage and business partnership on biblical principles.


Listen to Lloyd Hildebrandr's interview with the authors.