A Full House of Growing Pains

A Full House of Growing Pains

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An inspiring book written by the mother of two television stars: Candace Cameron (D. J. Tanner on Full House) and Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver on Growing Pains). Author Barbara Cameron shares the challenges of building a strong marriage and raising Christian kids.

Barbara Cameron is a typical Christian mom who wants only the best for her children. As they were growing up, she did all the typical "mom" stuff, but her children were anything but typical. They were both television stars on hit sitcoms. Guiding them through the dark and seductive culture of Hollywood, Barbara was successful in keeping them grounded and making sure that God was first in their lives. They grew up to be spectacular adults, free from all the influences that assailed them except one - God's.

She gives hope to every parent, along with sage advice on how to protect your children from "the world." The book is largely anecdotal and generously illustrated with never-before-seen family photos. A bold behind-the-scenes look into the private lives of her famous children and their faith.


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