Give Me 40 Days for Healing

Give Me 40 Days for Healing

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Do you need a manifestation of the healing power of God in your life? If so, Give me 40 Days for Healing could quite possibly be the tool the Lord will use to teach you how to bring forth what you already possess. Jesus did it all for you on Calvary. Healing in every area of your life - spirit, soul, and body, has already been bought and paid for by Jesus Christ.


Total health is a part of your covenant in God, but it will not come to you automatically. You must learn how to appropriate what already belongs to you.


"Freda Bowers has a fresh revelation on how to release the healing virtue of Jesus in your physical body. Enjoy your 40 day journey to wholeness." (Oral Roberts)


As co-founder of Associated Christian Television System, Inc., Freeda Bowers is a leader in Christian Ministry. She hosts one of the most popular teaching and praise programs on WACX TV. This unique Bible Study/Prayer Meeting/Music Ministry/Sharing Time is called "Divine Appointment."

In 1982, the ministry purchased WACX-TV and Christian television became a reality for Central Florida. Through the efforts of Claud and Freeda Bowers the switch was flipped for 5,000,000 Watts of power in 1987. WACX became SuperChannel 55 ... seen coast to coast in Florida. In 1992, the National Religious Broadcasters honored WACX as the Outstanding Christian Broadcasting Facility in the nation. WACX is, in part, a tribute to the vision, talent and prayer life of Freeda Bowers.

A Bible college graduate majoring in Theology, Freeda has been involved in women's ministries for over 20 years. She is in much demand as a speaker at retreats, seminars, and luncheons across America and around the world, sharing from the Word and operating in the gifts of the Spirit. She has ministered at conferences in the Ukraine, Russia, Peru, and Ecuador.

Freeda has a life-changing message on prayer that ministers to the spirit, soul, and body. She walks in an anointing that destroys the yoke of mediocrity and brings forth a fruitful and lasting harvest.

Freeda's call is to teach and train up intercessors and to call the Body of Christ into divine rank and order in the Kingdom of God.


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