Inspirational Wit and Wisdom From the Internet

Inspirational Wit and Wisdom From the Internet

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Here’s a book that makes you look forward to seeing “FWD:” in your email in-box! Almost since the beginning, the Internet has opened up a worldwide conversation that has been a source of wit and wisdom shared among millions of people every day.


Inspirational Wit and Wisdom from the Internet is a collection of some of the brightest and best chatter and facts that you can enjoy without logging on. And you can take the free bonus CD, pop it into your computer, and share the extra material with friends and family or save something memorable in your computer’s filing cabinet.


The material in both the book and the CD is catalogued so that you can find something quickly to tickle your funny bone, inspire you, touch you, and teach you.


  • Anecdotes, stories, jokes, and facts at your fingertips.
  • Includes FREE bonus "Click n' Send" CD, with hundreds of additional items not in the book that you can click and send by e-mail to family and friends.
  • Indexed into sections that make searching for topics easy.
  • Hilarious, insightful, wise, and inspirational.
  • Perfect when you’re looking for the “right thing to say.”


David W. Balsiger is the author of 39 literary works including 23 nonfiction books. Some of his better known books include In Search of Noah's Ark (Sunn), The Lincoln Conspiracy (New American Library), The Incredible Power of Prayer (Tyndale, 1998), Ancient Secrets of the Bible (Dell, 1994), The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark (Dell, 1995), Face in the Mirror (Bridge-Logos, 1993), and The Evidence for Heaven (Bridge-Logos, 2005). Christine C. Strong is co-authoring with David Balsiger a new book entitled The Longevity Diet: How to Live to 100. She is a member of the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association.