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This is a very real and humorous book for women and men on how to survive menopause. The authors says this book is “to help you through the rollercoaster ride of the No Paws Syndrome!”


Men-No-Paws is an easy-to-read, but very helpful book that will give you a laugh, provide you with a few hints to help you through this stage of life, and give you coaching that will enable you to become a winner.


Ellie and Rod Hein are co-founders of the ministry, Afrika Wa Yesu (Africa for Jesus in the local Sena language). Ellie and Rod ministered in Mozambique during its long-running civil war, and continued on after the signing of the Peace Accord in Rome in 1992. Ellie is also the author of Beyond the Shadows, the story of their adventures in Mozambique during the civil war.


About them, Freeda Lindsey, co-founder of Christ for the Nations wrote:


"From an enjoyable farm life in their beloved homeland, Rod and Ellie’s call, courage, and compassion set them in the middle of a tangled political morass. They found themselves facing enemy bullets, land mines, MiG bombers, hippo herds and cobras, and saw human suffering beyond description in a poor country torn by Communist takeover and civil war. The Hein’s heroic resistance to wrong, their tactful strategy, and most importantly, their daily obedience to divine direction, literally helped move a nation baptized in blood to the Peace Accord, Rome, 1992, ending a 16-year war. Whether on secret flights in Rodney’s Piper Aztec, or walking many dusty miles to reach the unreached, or going on dangerous wartime missions and world-media appearances, they desired neither credit nor recognition – only souls. They are reaping abundantly of both. Their gospel, preached in word and deed, brought a key political leader, a general, and other high officials to embrace the Cross, as well as multitudes in army camps, the bush and villages, where the noble young family – minus one – continues planting and harvesting in a better Mozambique


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