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In the 1980s, nineteen-year-old Kevin Cross got a job working as an accountant for Nick Navarro, one of the most powerful and influential sheriffs in the country. Kevin and his friend Paul, a teller at a local bank, hatch an intricate scheme to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the famous lawman. Their plan works to perfection until the Mafia catches wind and threatens to kill them unless they embezzle more. Kevin and Paul must find a way to pay off the mob, cover their tracks, and balance their chaotic lives.

Embezzlement tells the true story of how this convicted felon became the Christian CPA and financial counselor that he is today.

Kevin Cross, CPA, founded and supervised a successful tax practice for seventeen years. He is now the president of Cross Stewardship Ministries, an organization that is dedicated to teaching people how to manage money in God’s way. He is also the author of Building Your Financial Fortress in 52 Days (Bridge-Logos Publishers 2009). He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. With his wife and two children.


Listen to Lloyd Hildebrand's interwith with the author.