At Least It's Not Raining

At Least It's Not Raining

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This book - with color photos - is the account of a boy called Rocky and the way he and his family fought for life. Despite a knock-out punch, the family lives to fight again. This book challenges the idea that God is to blame when children suffer, and demonstrates that even in bad times it’s possible to experience the goodness of God.

"This book is a warm, intensely readable and human account of one of life’s most difficult voyages - the death of a child. Gritty, honest and loaded with authentic faith, it inspires, informs and enriches. This is privileged information." Jeff Lucas, Author, Speaker and Broadcaster.

"Steve is one of the nicest blokes I know. He lives a deeply honest and vulnerable life that comes across in this highly personal account. I learned so much from reading this account about life, death, faith, and hope. It left me lost for words. Everyone should read this. And then read it again." Carl Beech, Christian Vision for Men

"Beyond the pain there unfolds a beautiful story of a brave boy who is now enjoying the greatest adventure of all."
Stuart Bell, Ground Level

Stephen Redman is the Pastor of Ark Church in historic York, part of the Ground Level network of churches. Married to Pauline, a secondary school teacher, they have three wonderful daughters, Libby, Melody, and Arielle.