Audacious Faith

Audacious Faith

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This book is a captivating blend of fact and fiction. Malcolm Baxter contemporizes the situations of a number of biblical characters and imagines the scenario leading up to their life-changing encounter with Jesus. Each account has a relevant and thought-provoking application that will both challenge and minister to the reader.

This book shows that even when life has stacked the odds against you, an encounter with Jesus can not only transform your situation, but your life. The Jesus who walked the streets of ancient Palestine is able to step into your 21st Century life and give you the miracle you need. Accepting us warts and all, Jesus is able to unravel us from everything that would rob us of our incredible God-given potential.

These stories can be read by non-Christian friends who wouldn't normally read them in the bible, and will also bring fresh illumination to well-known passages for seasoned believers.

“Taking well-known accounts from the life of Jesus, Malcolm Baxter weaves in rich imagination and new perspectives that bring tremendous freshness and relevance to what for many are simply insignificant stories. In doing so, he reveals a deep understanding of people and their problems and a genuine passion to see them find answers in life. Any one reading this book will have no doubt that the greatest storyteller of all time speaks with as much power today as He ever did on the dusty streets of Nazareth.” Robert Fergusson, Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia

“Fresh, imaginative, and well written. the author uses his storytelling skills to bring to life these biblical accounts of hopelessness and suffering which were overcome by audacious faith. Inspirational and faith building.” Donovan Coetze, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, South Africa

Malcolm Baxter has served in full time ministry for over 15 years, pastoring two large, thriving, city churches on different continents. He was a member of the ministry team of the Christian Centre, Nottingham, UK, and is now Senior Minister of Harefield Assemblies of God church in Cape Town, South Africa. Malcolm has travelled extensively, speaking at churches and conferences in 15 nations. He is married to Lynette and they have four children.