Encountering God

Encountering God

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This book . . .

  • Shows how every encounter we have with God can be a time of healing and fulfillment.
  • Teaches how to encounter God in our everyday circumstances and live in constant "communion" with Him.

Our relationship with God is a journey—one that takes our whole lifetime. The end of it is more exciting that we can possibly imagine, but the journey itself is also the greatest of adventures. Incredibly, God travels it with us as well as meeting us at the end! The journey is a hide and seek game of discovering Him at any moment. The most amazing thing is that each time we encounter Him He changes us, and each time He changes us we find more and more of the load we've been carrying is gone because He is carrying it for us.

This book is a fellow traveler's guide to the joy of discovering God afresh. Each chapter's teaching centers on a key aspect of our relationship with God and how we can develop life-changing encounters with Him. It also focuses strongly on how our encounters with God bring healing to the hurt and pain of the past. The stories and exercises throughout will inspire and help all travelers on the journey.

Tracy Williamson is a popular speaker and author. She works closely with singer/songwriter Marilyn Baker and they travel widely together ministering in churches, conferences, and retreats. Tracy is becoming increasingly recognized for her sharp prophetic gifting as she speaks on the topics of prayer, intercession, healing, and intimacy with God. Tracy has published a number of other books, including, Expecting God to Speak to You! and Letting God Speak Through You, both published by New Wine Press.