Freedom from Generational Sin

Freedom from Generational Sin

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Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to be repeating the same pattern of fears and phobias that obsessed your mother's life? Why you are drawn irresistibly to pornography or why you are so fascinated with the occult? Ruth Hawkey shows that while we are all responsible for our own sin, it is possible to be battling continually against a family weakness, and until it is recognized, confessed, and repented of, you will continue to struggle to walk in freedom.

Ruth Hawkey was raised in the North East of England and trained as a Primary School teacher, taking her degree at Durham University. She has written and broadcast several children's stories on local radio and has a heart for hurting children (of whatever age) within the Body of Christ. She has two married daughters and several grandchildren. Along with her husband Joe, she has worked in the healing ministry for many years, both teaching and ministering into the lives of many hundreds of people