If You Be the Son of God Come Down from the Cross

If You Be the Son of God Come Down from the Cross

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The age-old issue of Jewish suffering receives fresh treatment in this innovative study of the parallels between the difficulties faced by biblical characters and those of the contemporary children of Israel. As a Messianic Jewish believer living in the conflict-torn Jerusalem of today, the author poses the question of why the people of Israel seem at times to have been abandoned by their God, and why this circumstance has over and over again become the basis for a rise in anti-Semitism.

Challenging views commonly held among evangelical Christians concerning sonship, suffering, and the ultimate purpose of the people of Israel, the author examines the full import of the Apostle Paul's words, "Enemies for your sake." The author provides a timely message for people interested in knowing God's heart in this momentous generation.

"Julia Blum takes us on a pilgrimage into the heart of God. The way in which she portrays God's mysterious relationship to Israel opens up our eyes to a new dimension of God's love that will help many come into a deeper understanding of His nature." (Reuven Berger, Pastor, Kehilat HaMashiach Chuch)

Julia Blum and her husband, Victor, live in Jerusalem and are the founders and pastors of a Russian-speaking Messianic church. Julia was on the teaching staff of the Israel College of the Bible, and has appeared as a speaker at a number of international Messianic conferences in the USA. She is currently pursuing an MA in Religious Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.