Worship and Grace

Worship and Grace

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“Dave Bilbrough’s music has always been saturated with the “charming sound” that is grace. His insightful writing, which is personal, winsome, and refreshing, invites us to smile with relief, shout for joy, and walk in grace’s rhythm, because the truth is unchanging: we are greatly loved.” Jeff Lucas, Author, speaker, broadcaster

In the first in a series of three books, worship leader and songwriter Dave Bilbrough examines different aspects of what it means to live a life of worship to God. Practical, humorous and down-to-earth this book will encourage you to walk more closely with God and to grasp the heart of the message of grace.

With a wide appeal that spans all Christian denominations, Dave Bilbrough’s songs have become a staple part of many church worship times. Alongside his music he is in regular demand as a seminar speaker on themes related to worship. His ministry brings an emphasis on the grace and faithfulness of God, uninhibited praise, and reconciliation.