Worship and Mission

Worship and Mission

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"This book is invaluable to those who want their lives to make a difference in this world. It will give faith that our music can unite people, disarm people, and show the beauty of a living God to people. Dave Bilbrough is the real deal and his life of worship has been a mission we have all watched and respected. Let his years of insight show us how to open up the doors and let the music play." Martin Smith

In the second in a series of three books, worship leader and songwriter Dave Bilbrough looks at how our worship to God can be powerfully focused into mission.

With a wide appeal that spans all Christian denominations, DAve Bilbrought's songs have become a staple part of many church worship times. Alongside his music he is in regular demand as a seminar speaker on themes related to worship. His ministry brings an emphasis on the grace and faithfulness of God, uninhibited praise, and reconciliation.