In Rebel Hands

In Rebel Hands

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Foreword by H.R.H. Princess Michael of Kent

This is not a story of sadness, but one of inspiration, delving deeply into an almost impenetrable world. On May 13, 1987, during a moonlit night in Mozambique, six missionaries and an eighteen-month-old girl were abducted at gunpoint from their mission base and medical clinic, near Gondola, by heavily armed guerilla soldiers of the Mozambique National Resistance Movement (MNR). Their captors marched them for three months relentlessly over three hundred miles. They were constantly on the move, suffering from the effects of dysentery, parasitic infections, malaria, exhaustion, and caught in the crossfire of bullets, bombs, and political dissention.

Twenty-two years after the event, Trish reflects in stunning detail how God brought them through those dramatic events. The story she writes underlines God’s purposes at work not only in the deep heart of Africa’s spiritual darkness, but in the depths of each of our lives. The constant sense of hope in Christ is beautifully woven throughout the pages of this book. Their captors, though violent, became understood and loved, demonstrating that this fragile group of missionaries were not in Rebel Hands, but His.

Inside: Exclusive illustrations and photographs

“Trish and Roy are real heroes of mine. They have the stuff that makes pioneering in tough places possible. I visited them at their place in rebel territory in Mozambique just before they were abducted. It was Jesus in them that protected them from death and won some rebels to Christ during their time as hostages. This is a book of a frontline adventure for God that will excite youth, encourage missionaries in difficult places, and inform you how to react in scary times." Loren Cunningham, Founder of Youth With A Mission

Trish Perkins was born in Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. Ten days after marrying Roy Perkins, she went into Mozambique and the rest is history. She has been there 23 years, witnessing five rebel attacks during seven years of war. With her husband they experienced five years of drought during which they were responsible for feeding 25,000 people. Trish obeyed the Lord's instructions to allow others to join them to establish a boys and girls children's home, farm, school, technical school, clinic, and other projects that have still to be completed. Their aim is that the Kingdom of God should come to Mozambique, and to the nations who send teams to them to work in Mozambique.