The Evidence Bible - Modern English KJV

The Evidence Bible - Modern English KJV

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Recommended by Josh McDowell, Dr. D. James Kennedy and Franklin Graham. Finalist in the 2002 Gold Medallion Book Awards.

"The Evidence Bible is one of the best resources available in the Christian market to date. This is a must have for any serious Bible student and a must read for all Christians." (Chuck Missler, Founder Koinonia House)

"Clearly the Holy Spirit led you as you brought this wonderful document together. I could not be more impressed . . . It is like having a loving, mature, Christian elder standing by your shoulder as you read the Scriptures. It is exactly what is needed in our time." (James D. Stambaugh, Director Billy Graham Center Museum)

  • Learn how to show the absurdity of evolution.
  • Study how to share your faith with your family or at your workplace.
  • Learn how to witness to an atheist.
  • See from Scripture how to prove God’s existence without the use of faith.
  • Discover how to prove the authenticity of the Bible through prophecy.
  • See how the Bible is full of eye-opening scientific and medical facts.
  • Read fascinating quotes from Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Stephen Hawking, many other well-known scientists.
  • Read the fearful last words of famous people who died without the Savior.
  • Learn how to refute the "contradictions" in the Bible.
  • Study how to speak with a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a Moslem.
  • Find out why the Dead Sea scrolls are relevant to the Bible.
  • Read incredible quotes about the Bible from presidents and other famous people.
  • Discover how to answer questions such as Where did Cain get his wife? Why there is suffering? Why the dinosaur disappeared . . . and much more.

The Evidence Bible KJV in easy and comfortable Modern English is available in the following formats:

  • Hardcover
  • Black Leather Cover
  • Burgundy Leather Cover
  • New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs, Black Leather Cover
  • New Testament with Psalms & Proverbs, Paperback

To choose the full Evidence Bible or the NT Evidence Bible you want, use the drop-down menu above under Bible Formats.


 Read Ray Comfort's statement on the accuracy of the Bible.


Ray Comfort is the bestselling author of more than 60 books. He is also the co-host of an award-winning television program (with actor Kirk Cameron) which is seen in 70 countries. He has spoken on the subject of atheism at Yale and other prestigious universities, debated on ABC's Nightline, written God Doesn't Believe in Atheists, How to Know God Exists, The Way of the Master, and Evolution: A Fairy Tale For Grownups, among many others. He was a platform speaker for American Atheists, Inc., at their 2001 National Convention. He and his wife, Sue, live in Southern California.