Handbook for Deliverance

Handbook for Deliverance

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Too many people, including some believers, lean too heavily on a Western rational mind-set that originated in ancient Greece. Aristotle led people to believe that valid knowledge is based entirely on the five physical senses and human reason. Plato, on the other hand, didn’t understand how one could function without the spiritual realm. What has happened today is that human reasoning has become the God of this nation.
Dr. Goldfedder's training as a neurosurgeon and scientist was based on what Aristotle had to say. In effect,that you could believe something only if you saw it. However, this is totally opposite to what Jesus taught.
Dr. Goldfedder underwent an amazing paradigm shift when Jesus healed him of incurable, chronic, pain in 1991 while he was watching a video in a church. This miraculous experience caused him, a Jewish physician, to be totally transformed; it was a change that affected his body, mind, and spirit. Since that time he has  seen literally hundreds of people healed through the laying on of hands, more than he ever saw healed when he used his scalpel.

His two handbooks, Handbook for Deliverance and its companion Handbook for Healing, cover everything you need to know about deliverance and healing. Let them become your spiritual textbooks for your Bible-based ministry. Jesus has enabled you to become a healing evangelist in fulfillment of His Great Commission.

Once you set your mind to believe God, He will help you each step of the way. All you have to do is to study and be obedient to what He teaches. Remember, Jesus is no respecter of persons; what He did for Dr. Goldfedder, He will do for you.
The training you will receive through these handbooks is perfect for everyone: physicians, pastors, patients, and people in all walks of life. If you ever had a medical condition or had to help someone who did, this book will put you in touch with the dynamic anointing that will enable you to take part in the deliverance and healing ministry for the Body of Christ. You will become an end-time saint who walks in and experiences miracles, signs, and wonders.