Discovering God's Will for Your Life

Discovering God's Will for Your Life

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Mike Lutz's new book possesses something that other books of this kind do not have: a fresh approach!

Here are a few of the chapter titles:

  • "You talking to me"
  • "I object!"
  • "Watch the road!"
  • "Detours, Obstacles, and Rough Roads"
  • "Are we there yet?"

Readers will truly be inspired and enjoy their journey as they find out how to listen to God's voice, remain in His will, and progress in His plans for their lives.

Michael Lutz came face-to-face with the Bible for the first time in 1994, at age 24. He began reading a Bible and was overwhelmed with a sense of the deity of Jesus. It was then and there that he knew he had to make a choice: either Jesus was who He said He was or He wasn't. Michael's ministry began right away at a church in Connecticut. He began helping with the youth, and later became their youth pastor. He and his wife moved to California in 2001, where he was asked to be a Pastor's Assistant at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He has held a variety of pastoral positions, and in 2008 became Senior Pastor of Revive Christian Fellowship in Ladera Ranch, CA. Mike is now heard on "The Reviving Word" radio program in the US and in Belize. He lives in California with his wife, Collette.