Equipped for Effectiveness in Spiritual Warfare

Equipped for Effectiveness in Spiritual Warfare

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Because we are in Christ, we are not on the defensive in spiritual warfare any longer!  Through this book, the reader will learn to live as a victorious believer rather than as a defeated Christian in today’s culture of compromise. Instead of crying, “Retreat!” our battle cry should be, “Advance”!


This very comprehensive look at spiritual warfare does not give formulas. Rather, it shows the reader how the enemy works and what we must do to defeat him. This book equips the reader with effectiveness in the battles of life by unmasking the lie of spiritual defeat and showing how to prevail against the gates of hell through faith.


The reader will learn how to experience God’s faithfulness at a deeper level and to trust God beyond the level of any personal limitations. God wants each believer to rise above the bonds of unbelief and experience the fullness of God’s love.