For a few years I was a Mason. In fact, I was the chaplain of my lodge. I enjoyed meeting the men of the fraternity and was intrigued by the rituals and rites we conducted.

I went on to become a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner.

However, my eyes were opened when I began to contemplate the fact that I could not pray in Jesus' name.

Eventually, I renounced my involvement with Freemasonry, because I realized it is rooted in the occult, not in Christianity.

R33 Degrees of Deceptionecently we published a book entitled, 33 Degrees of Deception by Tom McKenney. This is a comprehensive work that exposes Freemasonry as an anti-Christian deception. This is a well-written and informative book that I endorse highly.

Here is a quote from Tom's book: "This book is not 'anti-Masonic'; this book is simply the truth--spoken, I pray, in love. I have lived some things and learned some things that most Freemasons don't know--things that they need to know. And I have attempted to set them down in an orderly way as honestly and simply as I can. I am not the enemy of Masons--I am their friend, their advocate, seeking only to tell them the truth about the system that deceives them, uses them, and makes merchandise of their sincere commitment and loyalty. What I oppose is that system--not you.

"Many, many times, at the end of a talk-show interview, I have been asked, 'Tom, what one last thing would you like to say?' My reply is always the same: To the non-Masons, and especially those thinking of becoming Masons, I say, 'Please learn the facts before making the decision to join the Lodge; arm yourself with the truth before you commit.' And to the Mason, if he will listen to just one thing I say, it is this: 'Don't be afraid of the truth'; Jesus promised that if we give it a chance, the truth will set us free.'"

Lt. Col. Tom C. McKenney (USMC, Retired) is a bright and compassionate man. He has written this book to help others see the light. I appreciate all he is doing to bring deliverance to those who are deceived by Freemasonry--a deadly deception, indeed.

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