Sources of Irritation

How do you handle sources of irritation in your life? Sometimes they come from situations in life; at other times they come from other people, and I guess they even come from ourselves sometimes.

What do you do when a person "gets under your skin" The Bible says we are to forgive, but forgiveness sometimes is not that easy.

It begins with a choice. To choose to forgive another is to follow God's will. Paul J. Meyer in his excellent book, Forgiveness--the Ultimate Miracle, writes, "To forgive those who have hurt you, apply the same 10 steps we discussed earlier:

1. Decide on the hurt
2. Be real, be honest
3. State what you want
4. Choose to forgive
5. Verbalize your forgiveness
6. Cover the offense
7. Show love
8. Pray for them
9. Look for reconciliation if possible
10. Move on."

This list is sound advice. Meyer goes on, "That is what it takes to forgive those who have hurt you. One step might take longer than another, and that's fine. You might even want to 'start over' with the steps as you are working to forgive some people, but the process of forgiveness has started. You can be confident in that."

This is good teaching. The Bible says, "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn nhot, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." These are the words of Jesus, the most-forgiving of all men.

God bless you with the grace to forgive those who wrong you.

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