Grace and Strength

Moses Stuart wrote, "Christians are placed in a condition of which grace is the prominent feature: grace to sanctify as well as grace to renew the heart; grace to purify the evil affections; grace to forgive offenses though often repeated, and thus to save from despair, and to excite to new efforts of obedience. Viewed in this light, there is abundant reason for asserting that Christians, under a system of grace, will much more effectually throw off the dominion of sin than they would do if under a mere law dispensation."


God's grace does renew our hearts, purifies our propensity toward evil, and helps us to forgive others. When we consider just these three results, we realize how much we need God's grace in our daily lives. I cannot renew my own heart, purify my evil affections, or forgive others in my own strength. Grace enables me to have God's help in each of these areas.


Charles Spurgeon wrote, "True religion is supernatural at its beginning, supernatural in its continuance, and supernatural at its close. It is the work of God [grace] from beginning to end. There is a great need for the hand of the Lord to be stretched out to us. I trust you are feeling that need now as you read, and I am glad that you are feeling this need in your life. This will lead you to find your preservation in the Lord, who alone is able to keep us from falling and to glorify us with His Son" (From All of Grace, a Bridge-Logos Pure Gold Classic).


The marvelous grace of our loving Lord is the deepest need of the human heart at all times. Without it, we are nothing and we can do nothing. God's all-sufficient grace enables me to:


  • Conquer my flesh
  • Forgive my enemies
  • Obey the Lord
  • Repent of my sins
  • Do great exploits for my Lord
  • Be what I cannot be on my own
  • Experience abundant living:


And so much more! God's grace is the place of quiet rest that Cleland B. McAfee describes in his wonderful hymn:


"There is a place of quiet rest,

Near to the heart of God.

A place where sin cannot molest,

Near to the heart of God"


Only God's grace enables us to find the"place where all is joy and peace, near to the heart of God."


God's grace is my strength. Praise His holy name!


Lloyd Hildebrand


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