Occupy Till I Come

It's interesting to see the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon that is taking place all over the world. It is reminiscent of the sixties when one of the bywords was "Question authority."


Many people wonder what these folks of various backgrounds are actually protesting. It would appear that the biggest target is one of the Seven Deadly Sins--greed. Placards proclaim, "We're the 99%," which would indicate that the remaining one percent of the population is extremely rich.


The rest of us, they would say, are struggling for survival, which is certainly true for many of us. The other day, for example, I saw a young couple who were riding bicycles with trailers attached to them. They were destitute, fishing for food on the bank of the Santa Fe River, and planning to keep traveling. I fear there are many like them all over the world.


The word "occupy" means "to take possession of by settlement or seizure; to hold possession of by tenure, to dwell in, to hold, etc." Jesus said, "Occupy till I come." This is found in the Parable of the Minas.


A certain nobleman went into a far country to obtain a kingdom for himself. He told his servants to "occupy till I come," which means to "do business until I return." He then gave ten minas to each of his servants.


The first servant managed his money very well, and upon his return, the master said, "Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten ciites" (Luke 19:17, NKJV). Let us bloom where we are planted and be good stewards for our Master.


Let us get actively involved in the Occupy Movement that Jesus established. Let us occupy until He comes. Let us be faithful in the little things, keeping our gaze fixed on the things that are eternal, and taking authority over all that He has given to us.


Jesus said, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble" (Matthew 6:33-34, NKJV).


These wonderful words of our Master will lift us above the anxiety and anger that is swirling around us today. Let's continue to occupy until His imminent return. Let us be faithful to our Lord and Master.

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