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This Pure Gold Classics series by Bridge-Logos Foundation is a collection of beloved Christian classics that have endured changing civilizations, theologies, doctrines, and even changes in Christianity itself. Centuries of time and countless Christian lives have proved their value and the enduring truths that they contain of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Only eternity will be long enough to tell of the millions of hearts and souls that these Christian classics have brought out of darkness and into the kingdom of God's beloved Son. And those who they have taken deep into the things of God and Christ can never be numbered in this life.

These are not fad-driven books; not books written for popular acclaim or personal gain. These are books that were written by men and women who struggled through difficult and often painful times in their lives. Men and women who fought their way out of darkness and into the glory of Christ with only the Word of God as their light and their guide. Men and women just like us.

And because they were just like us, and because there are millions of other Christians like us, these Christian classics continue to provide strong spiritual food for those who are hungry for the deep things of God. So much so, that today they are more popular than they have ever been in their history.

We invite you to explore this page and look over our ever increasing collection of Pure Gold Classics. We believe you will agree that they are the finest collection of Christian classics available today.

Some of the classics have audio CDs with them of selected excerpts, while others have a link for an audio download of the excerpts.

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1. A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
  • $15.99
God not only forgives our disobedience, He calls us to obedience, He calls us to a devout and holy life.
978-0-88270-453-1 - TPB - 304 pgs - Audio CD - William Law
2. Absolute Surrender
  • $13.99
If we totally surrender ourselves to God, we need never know anything but God's good.
978-0-88270-028-1 - TPB - 168 pgs - Audio Download - Andrew Murray
3. All of Grace
  • $13.99
"For by grace you have been saved" and by nothing else. The masterful writing of Charles H. Spurgeon on one of the most important subjects in the entire Bible.
978-0-88270-335-0 - TPB - 192 pgs - Charles Haddon Spurgeon - Audio CD
4. Confessions of Saint Augustine
  • $15.99
It has been said that the "Confessions of Saint Augustine" did more to establish Christian theology than any previous book except the Bible. It is an amazing story of a soul's journey that every Christian should read.
978-0-88270-948-2 - TPB - 488 pgs - Augustine of Hippo - Audio CD
5. Dark Night of the Soul
  • $15.99
"Dark Night of the Soul" takes readers on a deeply spiritual journey through challenges, hardships, difficulties, and temptations to complete union with God.
978-0-88270-402-9 TPB - 312 pgs - Saint John of the Cross - Audio Download
6. E. M. Bounds on Prayer
  • $16.99
There is no prayer-warrior or potential prayer warrior, intercessor or potential intercessor, who should not have E. M. Bounds classic collection on prayer. There never has been anything better written on prayer.
978-0-88270-888-1 - TPB - 816 pgs - E. M Bounds - Audio Download
7. Evening by Evening
  • $15.99
365 devotional readings to inspire you and end your day with God's word by the master preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
978-0-88270-877-5 - TBS - 464 pgs - Charles Haddon Spurgeon - Audio Download
8. Foxe's Book of Martyrs
  • $15.99
For nearly two-thousand years, courageous men and women have been tortured and killed because of their confessions of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This is some of their stories.
978-0-88270-875-1 - TPB - 480 pgs - John Foxe - Updated by Harold J. Chadwick - Audio Download
9. God of All Comfort
  • $14.99
Are you comfortable in your Christianity? Have you found God to be a God of all comfort, as the Bible states? If not, this book is for you.
978-0-88270-103-5 - TPB - 272 pgs - Hannah Whitall Smith
10. God the Creator
  • $15.99
Book 1 from John Calvin's Magnum Opus of Christian Theology.
976-1-61036-000-5 - TPB - 294 pgs - John Calvin
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