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21. Have You Passed the DNA Test?
  • $16.99
This book looks at the characteristics of Christ and asks the question, "If the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us, shouldn't we have the same family resemblance?"
978-1-905991-54-9 TPB - 240 pgs - Dr David Carr
22. Healing Emotional Wounds
  • $7.99
Helps people understand the roots of their brokenness and how to minister to those who need emotional healing.
978-1-874367-87-1 - TPB - 64 pgs - Ruth Hawkey
23. Healing the Human Spirit and Deeper Healing for the Human Spirit
  • $16.99
This new combined edition seeks to explore questions such as "Why do I not feel the Father's love? Why do I feel so heavy and joyless? Is my physical well-being dependent on the health of my spirit?"
978-1-905991-41-9 - TPB - 192 pgs - Ruth Hawkey
24. Heaven and the Angels
  • $12.99
This book tells of the visions of Heaven men like John Newton and General William Booth received before starting their ministries; it describes the "many mansions" Jesus talked about.
978-1-905991-33-4 - TPB - 160 pgs - Ruth Hawkey
25. Hw Then Shall We Answer
  • $18.99
The author of this book is a noted evangelist; he gives a reasoned defense of the Gospel in compelling arguments, contextualizing the material as examples for those less familiar with public speaking.
978-1-903725-81-8 - TPB - 286 pgs - Joe Boot
26. I Shall Not Want
  • $14.99
In this passionate book, founded in God's amazing grace, Andrew Owen unpacks the most famous of all Scriptures, the 23rd Psalm. What did David have in mind when he wrote this marvelous psalm? Here is a book to be enjoyed by God chasers everywhere.
978-1-905991-55-6 - TPB - 160 pgs - Andrew Owen
27. Identity Theft: Finding the Missing Person in You
  • $11.99
Learn how to discover your true identity in Christ, God's plan for your life, and now to protect and nurture your identity.
978-1-905991-11-2 - TPB - 128 pgs - Dr. John Andrews
28. If You Be the Son of God Come Down from the Cross
  • $16.99
This book challenges views that are commonly held among Christians regarding sonship, suffering, and God's ultimate purpose for the people of Israel.
978-1-903725-63-4 - TPB - 224 pgs - Julia Blum
29. Interceeding for Revival
  • $9.99
The books is the spiritual biography of a man who has "given his attention to prayer and the ministry of the word" (Acts 6:4). It is rich in examples the author's ministry and from other contemporary leaders.
978-1-905991-50-1 - TPB - 128 pgs - Andrew Baguley
30. Letting God Speak Through You
  • $10.99
This book will show you how to hear God in order to speak life and encouragement to others. Tells how to receive and handle prophetic words.
978-1-903725-49-8 - TPB - 96 pgs - Tracy Williamson
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